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Property: Gas Stations
Business ID No: 1
List Price: 139900
Brand: closed
Gas Station: vacant property for fuel/food mart development
Address: u s 31. block north of the main intersection in scottsburg in
City: scottsburg
Real Estate : included
This is a corner property that has 240 feet of frontage on U.S. 31 and an average depth of 149 feet. The big advantage to a purchaser desiring to build a fuel/food mart on the site is the presence of four (4) buried single wall fiberglass tanks (2-8,000 gallon tanks, 1-10,000 gallon tank, and 1-15,000 gallon tank) complete with overfill prevention and spill containment. As you know, the cost to purchase and install tanks of this type and size is about $50,000.00. These tanks were installed in May, 1990 in preparation for the building by Kocolene of a new fuel/food mart. However, Kocolene decided to modify its business model which precluded the expansion of Kocolene’s fuel/food mart operation. The firm sale price for this property is $139,900.00. Seller financing is available at an annual interest rate of 7% fixed with a down payment of $25,000.00.  
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